Winner of Cycle Worlds "Best used bike"

Why it won:
There was practically nothing the big Bandit could not do, and it did all of it very well. On a bang-for-buck basis, it put everything on the trailer, thanks to its Freightliner-class torque output, ride-to-the-horizon comfort, surprising backroad handling and excellent over-the-road capabilities, all for fewer greenbacks than a whole lot of smaller bikes.

Basic specs:
An 1157cc inline-Four that made 101.7 hp at 8500 rpm, 69.5 ft.-lb. of torque at 6250 and weighed 490 pounds dry. It shot through the quarter-mile in 11.15 seconds at 120.24 mph and registered a measured top speed of 144 mph. This one has steel brake lines included and a Yoshimura muffler!

Only 10k miles.
Brand new rear tire and fluids, Maryland state inspected

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